Maximal surface size for a carpentry industry

Application is designed for iOS (iPhone/iPad) platforms and is developed using React Native. Its core functionality revolves around object recognition and geometric analysis to optimize material usage, specifically for scenarios like determining the largest rectangle that can fit within the contours of an irregular object, such as a piece of wood.

Here’s how the app operates technically:

  1. User Interface: Built with React Native, the application provides a straightforward interface allowing users to either upload an image from their device’s storage or capture a new photo directly through the app.
  2. Image Processing: Once an image is uploaded or captured, it undergoes processing to identify and analyze the object within. This process leverages the OpenCV library, integrated through Objective-C and C++ methods. The algorithm first identifies the object and its boundaries within the image.
  3. Rectangle Optimization: After recognizing the object and its edges, the app calculates the dimensions of the largest possible rectangle that can be inscribed within the object. This feature is particularly useful for material optimization, ensuring minimal waste.
  4. Technical Integration: The integration of React Native for the front end and OpenCV for image processing showcases a hybrid approach, utilizing advanced image analysis techniques within a mobile application environment conducive to high-performance and user-friendly interactions.

This application is ideally suited for industries and individuals focused on material conservation and cost-effective resource management, providing a technical solution to enhance material utilization through smart algorithmic analysis.

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