CAD tool

Development of CAD tool

Revolutionizing 3D CAD Model Manipulation:

Our team at Subpixel was tasked by a client to enhance their 3D CAD model interaction. We developed an advanced offline tool, addressing the need for rapid loading and sophisticated manipulation of 3D models in industry, crucial for efficient processes from product design to production. 


  • Script for Format Conversion: Ensured seamless model compatibility.
  • Parallel Rendering: Significantly improved loading and rendering speed, enhancing user experience.
  • Mesh Creation: Transformed individual polygons into detailed meshes for richer model fidelity.
  • Advanced Manipulation Tools: Introduced cutting-edge features including precise model cutting, internal element calculation, laser scanning simulation, and dynamic manipulation of polygons, meshes, and OpenGL scenes. We also enabled normal adjustment and merged multiple 3D formats into a singular, optimized model.


These innovations led to a transformative improvement in the client’s design process, marked by faster operations, superior model quality, and unprecedented control over model analysis. Our project set new industry standards for 3D modeling tools, showcasing Subpixel’s commitment to technological excellence and client success.

Transform Your Product Design:

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