High-precision measurement

High-precision measurement

Subpixel took on the challenge of overhauling an established production machine with our bespoke computer vision software, aimed at high precision measurement of electronic components. Our client required exacting standards where component sizes ranged from 4 to 13mm, tolerances were set to a stringent 200 microns, and deviations were to be kept under 1 micron. 

Our solution not only met these specifications but included a robust defect detection system, further ensuring quality control in the production line. The desktop application, crafted with C# .NET and leveraging the powerful MVTec Halcon library, stands as a testament to our commitment to precision and reliability.

Due to confidentiality, we use symbolic imagery to represent our work’s impact. This project underscores Subpixel’s capability to modernize and enhance production processes, ensuring our clients maintain the cutting edge in manufacturing excellence.

[Project visual is symbolic due to NDA.]

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