Subpixel recently took on a challenge to boost efficiency on a production line by enhancing the system for reading QR codes on moving products. Our project focused on making sure the system worked smoothly, even with the existing hardware limitations, and that it could keep up with the fast pace of the production line.

Key Improvements:

  • Speed and Accuracy: We made the system faster and more reliable in reading QR codes.
  • Handling High Demand: Our solution can manage multiple tasks at once, perfect for keeping things moving quickly.
  • Backup Plan for Network Issues: We added a safety net to protect against data loss if the network goes down.
  • Working with the Client’s System: Integrated seamlessly with the client’s database, making everything more streamlined.


Our work led to a noticeable improvement in how quickly and accurately QR codes are read, keeping production moving without a hitch. Plus, we made sure the system is robust enough to handle network issues without losing important data. The smooth integration with the client’s database has made operations even more efficient.

[Note: Images used are for illustration purposes due to confidentiality.]

At Subpixel, we blend smart software solutions with a practical approach, ensuring our projects not only meet the technical needs but are also user-friendly and reliable.

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