Subpixel has delivered a specialized defect detection and classification solution for small electronic components, enhancing the quality control process in electronics manufacturing. Designed to inspect components between 4 to 13 mm, our system adeptly identifies a range of defects, including chip-offs, discoloration, scratches, cracks, and spots.

Project Insights:

  • Comprehensive Defect Detection: Our technology is engineered to accurately detect a variety of imperfections, crucial for maintaining high quality in production.
  • Precision Measurement: The system ensures precise measurements, vital for consistent product quality.
  • Use of Telecentric Lenses: Telecentric lenses are employed to maintain image consistency across the view, essential for reliable defect identification.
  • Enhanced Imaging Resolution: With a detail resolution of 10 µm per pixel, the system excels in spotting very small defects that standard inspections might overlook.


The deployment of our system has made a noticeable difference in the client’s manufacturing process, offering a method to better identify and classify defects, thus aiming to reduce waste and improve the quality of the output. The incorporation of telecentric lenses and high-resolution imaging marks a step forward in quality assurance practices.

[Note: Due to a non-disclosure agreement, the imagery is illustrative.]

This project underscores Subpixel’s role in advancing quality control technologies in the electronics manufacturing sector, striking a balance between innovation and practicality.

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