Subpixel is your trusted computer vision programming and consulting agency. We are a team of computer specialists with skill and qualification in machine learning and software development, specialized in digital solutions for industrial and automation companies. Our aim is to provide companies the competitive advantage needed to achieve its objectives with efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness.


Managing Director

Vladimir graduated from the University of Zagreb with a Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology. During his Bachelor studies in 2007, he proceeded to work in computer vision programming. Vladimir possesses an extensive background in automation and image and signal processing.

Having established his very first computer vision job in 2010, he was involved in a range of advanced projects including product classification, recognition, reading of 2D bar codes, 2D and 3D laser measurements, OCR, and defect detection.

His career has allowed him to incorporate and apply the following types of technologies: C++, C#, MATLAB, OpenCV, and Halcon. Vladimir has gone on to complete over 40 different onsite commissionings worldwide, adding to his impressive expertise in the field.

Vladimir is fluent in German, English and Croatian.

LANA REŠČEC, mag. math.

Computer Vision Engineer

Lana qualified with a Master of Science in Mathematics from University of Zagreb after the successful completion of the Applied Mathematics programme. During her master’s program, she partook in a multitude of projects including solving of partial differential equations and creating related models, OCR and numerical analysis. She possesses experience in creating mathematical models for statistical prediction.

Her experience includes the following technologies: C++, C#, MATLAB and Halcon.

Lana is fluent in English and Croatian and is currently learning German.

DARIO RUDEC, mag. phys.

Junior Computer Vision Engineer

Dario holds a Master’s degree in theoretical physics from University of Zagreb. During his studies, he participated in many projects regarding numerical modelling of classical and quantum systems. While interning he worked on business intelligence projects and gained skills in market anaysis.

Dario possesses experience in: C, Python, Wolfram Mathematica, and now Halcon and Swift.

Dario is fluent in Croatian, English and is currently learning German.

IVANA CVITANOVIĆ, mag. ing. comp.

Junior Computer Vision Engineer

Ivana graduated from the University of Zagreb with a Master’s in Computer Science. During her studies, she participated in many projects regarding Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing. She worked on projects that include text analysis on social media and fake news detection.
While interning she gained experience in web development.

Ivana has experience in: Java, TypeScript, Python, R, and now Halcon.

Ivana is fluent in Croatian and English.